Focusing on Happiness — Week Forty-Two

What’s making me happy this week: a rising word count <3


The sixth novella is coming together so quickly! I had a feeling that it would, but the word count is going up even faster than I anticipated. It’s already past the 6k mark! I’m aiming for 20k and fourteen chapters. We’ll see how that goes 🙂 The last few have turned out a little longer than that, and I do want these novellas to be nice short reads.

I did a cover reveal yesterday for the fifth novella, which comes out on July 25, and that’s also making me pretty happy.


And the cover for the sixth one is already done (and I love it) and the seventh novella is written already and just waiting for edits (I wrote it last year I think—it’s all kind of a blur) and then I get to start the uber-secret new series that…I’m not quite ready to talk about 😉

Oh, and I’m making a Craig puppet!


All in all, it’s been a week full of things to be happy about.

Forty-two weeks into this blog post series and I’m finding it’s not just about choosing to focus on what makes me happy but on making choices that generate happiness. And that is a very good thing <3 I hope you’re finding (and making) happiness as well!

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