“Duration of Stay” is Now Available!

Today’s the day! Duration of Stay has launched, and I am so excited to share this novella with you! It was a blast to write and is my new favorite in the series <3 Brooke and Zemanni appeared on the page fully-formed (I love it when that happens!). Their snark is hilarious and the chemistry between them is sizzling!


Not only does Duration of Stay tie up the second series arc in the Department of Homeworld Security series, it marks a milestone achievement for me: six releases in six months!

That was…really hard. Not gonna lie. Even with the first three being re-releases (Gray Card, Resident Alien, and Business or Pleasure) and having most of the next story arc plotted out, it was a lot of work to get these three (Tied up in Customs, Entry Visa, and Duration of Stay) written, edited, and all put together in that timeframe. But I’m so happy with the way they turned out!

Duration of Stay was the story that most surprised me. I actually hadn’t planned for this one at all, but wrote it for one of my brainstorming buddies who’s a big fan of Zemanni, and insisted he get his own book (in my original outline, Sorca chucked Zemanni off the cliff and he diedwhat a waste!). Developing his story really tied the whole arc together and was such fun! Zemanni is one of my favorite characters now, too <3

And I have a special surprise for you, my lovely readers! The seventh book in the series will be coming out next month! That’s right, seven releases for this series in seven months! I had already written what was at that time the fourth novella, then realized there was more to tell before this story’s events, so I pushed it back to the seventh title. And it starts a whole new series arcabout little green men (and women) 😀

I have plotlines for the next two novellas worked out, but won’t be writing them till 2018. I have a whole new paranormal romance series to launch this year!

It’s been so awesome connecting with readers over The Department of Homeworld Security series. I’ve enjoyed reading all of your reviews immensely <3 There are plenty of adventures awaiting us, so stay tuned! And be sure you don’t miss anything by signing up for my newsletter 😀

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