Focusing on Happiness—Week Forty-Nine

What’s making me happy this week: seeing readers enjoy Duration of Stay!


Yesterday was release day for Duration of Stay, and it hit the top 100 in short (2-hour) Scifi/Fantasy reads! And stayed there! (It’s still there as of my writing this).

At one point, this happened:


TWO of my books were in that top 100 category on the same page at the same time! That’s a double “achievement unlocked” day (which is an extra funny way of putting it if you’ve read Duration of Stay—Zemanni loves his video games 😉 ).

Reviews are starting to come in already (thank you!!!), which is a great sign that this book is landing where I want it to. I want to write books that you can’t put down and are bursting to talk about after finishing <3

I loved writing Duration of Stay and am eager to write more in this world. But first, I need to finish the second book in the new series (and you can bet that’s making me happy this week, too 😀 ).

Thanks for reading and I hope my stories bring you happiness <3


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