Reviewing a Year of Happiness

Lantern Sunset

When I set out to write a blog post focusing on things that were making me happy each week, I didn’t know what sort of challenges I’d be facing. I didn’t know about the incredible and often mind-numbing events that would take place in the world. I also didn’t know about the smaller, but much more “up close and personal” upheavals that would happen in my life.

Each week, I knew I would need to set aside some time and push all that away to focus on something—even one small thing—that was bringing me happiness in that moment. It started off as simple as getting a new coffeepot. Some weeks, it was as extravagant as finishing getting my backlist available <3 (so. much. work.)

But every week, those blog posts were a place of solace and temporary respite. It was a way to shift my focus to things within my control and appreciate them. To give myself the time and space to experience the happiness they brought.

I think it helped. I really think it helped me get through the rough times and the disappointments that come along with all the joys and delights of being alive on this wonderful planet filled with all of these unique and amazing people. It helped me remember that I can choose what I focus on. And that, ultimately, happiness is the result of my choices.

Thank you for joining me in my journey. <3


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