“Duel Citizenship” has Launched!

Hello, dear readers! Today is so exciting, because Duel Citizenship has launched!


I adore this story, but I can’t give you particulars about why without massive spoilers. Let me just say that yup, “Duel” is spelled correctly, and if you read to the end, you’ll see why 😉

This is the last Department of Homeworld Security novella for 2017, but I have at least two more planned for next year! The eighth book has already started calling to me. Soon, my dear story. Soon…

*ahem* Anyway, there are plenty of novellas out there for you to read (and re-read) and enjoy. If you just can’t wait for the next one, you could always let me know in the comments!  I want to write what my readers want to read, and if I need to bump these up in my schedule, I’d love to know that ❤

It’s been an incredible adventure, exploring this world, meeting the people who live in it, and sharing their stories with you. There’s plenty more to come.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on ““Duel Citizenship” has Launched!

  1. Well, I must say after finishing Duel Citizenship I am eager to find out what’s going to happen next for the Department! There were some very interesting developments in this one and I want to see where they lead!

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