Lessons Learned

The holiday season is always busy, and I find myself getting lost in to-do lists and missing out on really enjoying the wonderful experiences around me. Every year I tell myself I’ll do better the next year, but then forget how exactly I thought I might go about that.

Christmas Tree

This year, I’ve decided to make a list of everything that occurs to me that could make next year better, and then I’m putting that list in my calendar as a recurring reminder. I’ve already forgotten some things, I think! But it’s okay. I’ll remember them eventually, and can keep adding as the years change.

The Winter holiday season is my favorite time of year. I love giving people presents—thinking about what they like and what we share in common to find the perfect gift to represent our relationship.

It’s also important to me that I take time and reflect on how fortunate I am, and to share what I can with others. We’re starting many new traditions this year, and I think my favorite is what we’re calling “Giving Weekend”. We’ll go through our house and find things that others can use, then take them to our local thrift store to donate them. I’m reminding my family to do so in a spirit of both generosity and gratitude. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the season.

How are you celebrating?

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2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. Love idea! Generosity and gratitude often get lost in the commercial side of christmas, but that’s what it’s all about – people coming together to appreciate!

    1. I really do think that’s the most important part of the season. It’s starts with Thanksgiving for me and pretty much lasts till Spring! I focus on how I can help people be happier, how we can be together more than usual through the cold months (fighting off cabin fever) and come out with even stronger relationships. It’s really a joy to think about <3

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