The Cold Moon

I’ve written in this space about full moons from time to time, reflecting on the meaning some of my ancestors attributed to each one. This year, I’m trying something different. I’m setting an intention at each new moon, starting today!

Winter New Moon

The new moon today will wax into the Cold Moon on January 1 (what an auspicious way to begin 2018!). I’ll be spending the rest of 2017 bundling up and snuggling with loved ones to stay warm, but also embracing the invigorating properties of cold.

When the weather is hot, I tend to wilt. When it’s cold, I become more active and even energized. The bracing wind gives me something to push against as I walk, and seeing my breath puff out in a cloud sparks my imagination with thoughts of dragons in human guise.

This Cold Moon, I will think of ways to direct my energy to make 2018 get off to a great start.

How will you spend the last few weeks of the year?

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