Frost Moon Goals — 2021 🌙

Today, the New Moon above us carries the energy of the Frost Moon that we’re journeying toward in this part of the world. It’s reminding me of the rune called Isa.

Isa is the rune of ice—a single, upright line. It can symbolize the stillness and frozen nature of ice, but thinking of it in terms of the waxing Frost Moon, it represents something more to me at this moment in my journey.

Ice can also be about clarity. Continue reading “Frost Moon Goals — 2021 🌙”

Wind Moon Goals — 2020

The new moon for this lunar cycle was a week ago today, and I blew right past it without even noticing. Fitting that it’s waxing toward the Wind Moon.


To say the winds of change are blowing right now is just… Yeah. Things have been incredibly busy as we settle in to our “new normal” here.

My goals for this lunar cycle are probably what many of us are working toward Continue reading “Wind Moon Goals — 2020”