Wind Moon Progress 2020

The full moon is already upon us, bringing winds that can be both cleansing and turbulent. There’s a great deal of both going on in terms of change and challenges.


We’ve battened down the hatches as much as we can here. From that place, I’m doing my best to help others to find their footing.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more connected socially, even as we’re all keeping our distance physically. I’m very grateful to be able to help others during this time as much as I can. Sometimes it’s a reassuring smile to a stranger or a “Thank you” shouted from the window to the delivery persons keeping us going. Sometimes it’s an offer to bring food or supplies to those who need them. Sometimes it’s as simple as listening to a friend on the phone.

Little things can have very big impacts right now. As we’ve moved inward, our worlds revolving more around our homes, I find we’re celebrating these little things—and perhaps we always should have. This is a change I’ll be holding on to. And above all, I’m holding on to hope.

I hope you are keeping well and safe.

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