Wind Moon Goals — 2020

The new moon for this lunar cycle was a week ago today, and I blew right past it without even noticing. Fitting that it’s waxing toward the Wind Moon.


To say the winds of change are blowing right now is just… Yeah. Things have been incredibly busy as we settle in to our “new normal” here.

My goals for this lunar cycle are probably what many of us are working toward—battening down the hatches and riding out the storm. We’re following the advice of  our amazing scientists and health care practitioners and doing our best to keep our spirits up. I want my online presence to help lift others’ spirits as well.

One of my most popular series of blog posts was when I decided to write a simple post about things that were making me happy each week. I did that for an entire year. Though it was a while back, people still find those posts, and I hope get a boost from them. As we face this new challenge together, I want to help.

Through April, I plan to have a daily post in this space about what I’m grateful for. Simple things. Things I used to take for granted, but are now giving me some of my greatest joy. It is my sincere hope that these posts will help bring a bit of brightness to your day.

Take care and be well.

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