Why I Blog

After writing a post of almost a thousand words about why I haven’t really blogged since last year, I finally hit on the epiphany I needed to write this one. The reason I do blog in the first place.

Blogging is my favorite way to talk to myself.

I know, that sounds weird. I interact with people in the comments. I see when people like certain posts. I have a fair amount of followers at the time of writing this, so how is it talking to myself to blog here?


It’s all about intention.

When I come to this blank page, it’s to share ideas, observations, and epiphanies. I’m not specifically talking to my readers or my family or my friends. I’m casting my thoughts into the universe, like the “noiseless, patient spider” from the Walt Whitman poem I included in my very first blog post.

Part diary, part sandbox, this is where I can play, I can think, and I can write out what’s stirring in my soul. I learn so much about myself through blogging.

You see, I’m not just talking to myself here—I’m also listening.

That is the greatest gift this blog site gives to me. Seeing the words, getting them out where I can read them, shows me truths I may have been blind to. Re-reading old posts provides me a map for when I lose my way. This is my truest personal space, my little piece of Cassland made flesh (or ink—okay, pixels) in the vastness of everything.

The fact that you are listening too is a delight and an honor. I hope these posts entertain you, uplift you, make you think, and help you feel less alone.

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