SFR Galaxy Awards for 2019!

I’m pushing my writing craft post to tomorrow to enjoy the Science Fiction Romance Galaxy Awards today! My TBR pile is sure to grow 🙂

I love learning about new authors and books through these awards. The judges’ mini-reviews are so helpful, and it’s great to see what stands out most to them. Judges get to create their own awards for the books they choose, making this all about recognition instead of competition <3

When my first Science Fiction Romance (SFR), Gray Card, launched with Samhain in 2015, it won a SFR Galaxy Award for “Funniest Nerdgirl Love Affair“. That surprise was made even more awesome when my writing BFF, A.E. Ash, also won the same year for “Biggest Tearjerker Per Page“, with her beautiful debut SFR, “Luminous“.

The SFR community is amazing. Inclusive, diverse, open-minded. I’ve made so many great friends by writing SFR. I love seeing their works recognized in these wonderful awards and look forward to them every year.

A huge thank you to those who make the SFR Galaxy Awards happen!



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