Export Duty: Meet the Cast!

We’re only a week away from Export Duty‘s release! I’m so excited to share this book with you all ❤


While we wait, I thought I’d introduce you to the main cast 😀

Dang, check out those shoulders…


Readers have been waiting to see more of Rin, and this book will not disappoint. For those of you who haven’t met him yet, he’s the sweary-est Sadirian stationed on Earth.

He’s also the field medic assigned to the Coalition soldiers located at the Florida base.





And then there’s our lovely heroine, Lily (although, she’d roll her eyes at me if she heard me talking about her that way).

Ever the pragmatic businesswoman, she’s dedicated her life to learning all she can about running her family’s import/export company. This doesn’t leave her with much time for relationships…or maybe she just hasn’t met the right guy 😉


Portrait of an elderly woman


The matriarch of Lily’s family is Nana Lillian, but you can just call her Nana 🙂 She’s a retired treasure hunter, and man, I really want to write her adventures as kind of a prequel… I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of her in books to come.



Then there’s my personal favorite character in this series, Nana’s new BFF, Cyan, the adorable Vegan. I plan to draw her portrait eventually, but this picture captures the feel of her.

She’s sweet and sensitive, but I wouldn’t recommend crossing her. I also wouldn’t recommend talking about how cute she is. There’s only so much she can take.




And then there’s Cyan’s favorite furry friend, Freddie. He’s a huge tom cat that’s part of Nana’s glaring of semi-feral cats. Freddie and Cyan’s relationship sparked the idea behind Rin and Lily’s book. I kept daydreaming about a lizard person who became a crazy cat lady. Crazy cat lizardlady.

If Cyan was real, I would want so much to be one of her BFFs…

One more week to go before you get to meet them all! 😀

Published by

Cassandra Chandler

USA Today Bestselling author of Paranormal and Science Fiction Romance — sometimes in the same book!

2 thoughts on “Export Duty: Meet the Cast!

  1. #shoulders ❤
    And I lol'ed at "Crazy cat lizardlady!" What a fun post…I always love seeing pics of people's characters. Yay!


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