Special Edition: Captain Marvel Caturday

I was going to take a break from blogging this weekend, but I just watched Captain Marvel, and ODIN’S BEARD, IT WAS AMAZING!!!

I’ve said that the Venn diagram for me and the target demographic for the Thor: Ragnarok trailer is probably just a circle. That is still true. After watching Captain MarvelIt’s like they could see into my soul…

I’m going to try to write this without any plot spoilers, but I will mention a few story elements, so…


The movie starts out as a FREAKING SCIENCE FICTION EXTRAVAGANZA. I had no idea they would spend so much time on the Scifi elements and would actually call it a Scifi/Superhero movie. The balance was just right for me.

And I have been waiting for this particular kind of Scifi movie for YEARS. Flashy special effects, awesome alien-power-infused fight scenes, spaceships, super-badass SPACESUIT ARMOR, super-strong characters (and not just in the superpower department—I’m talking characterization here) of all kinds of genders, descriptions, and motivations, and plenty of pew-pew!!!

Hold on a second. I need to breathe into a paper bag…

Okay, I’m back.

This movie sings to me on so many levels. I’m a big fan of theories on the collective unconscious, and OMG, that this movie came out the same week as Export Duty


Every time an alien asked, “What’s a cat?” in the movie, I felt a zing and thought of Rin. And they were even talking about a marmalade tabby who looks just like Freddie! And when the alien shifters transformed, I freaked out and hissed to my husband, “That’s exactly like Zemanni!!!” Their bracers and the helmets that folded back into their suits…okay, yeah, those are Scifi tropes, but they are some of my favorite tropes! And the super-strong self-actualized female characters…

I fill my books with things that I love and want to experience in stories. Seeing similar elements handled so amazingly on the big screen was an unbelievable thrill. There was a scene in the movie that was almost exactly like an actual dream I had maybe fifteen years ago while working on one of my other Scifi Romance series. My husband remembered me telling him about it (it was pretty epic) and could absolutely understand why I was freaking the heck out as we left the theater.

Even without all of that, the movie itself was a masterwork for me personally. The music took me back to that time in my life—the settings, the cars, the…everything. I am a Gen X-er all the way and proud of it. Everyone I was with absolutely adored the movie, whether they could remember the 90’s or not.

This movie was like an anthem for me, as a woman, as a nerd, as an author, and as a Scifi mega-fan.

I will be seeing it again in the theater and will probably wear out the DVD and will keep a digital copy on my phone for whenever I’m waiting in line and am going to go look for the soundtrack right now and all my friends will get used to me going on and on about it (Actually, they’ll probably be happy to see me squeeing so much about a movie. Like I said, it’s been a long time since a movie has excited me this much—and spoiler alert for my friends: this movie has replaced Pitch Black as my #1 favorite movie of all time, even though I still adore that movie as well).

If you love strong female characters (and I’m not just talking about Carol Danvers—Maria Rambeau was freaking fantastic and I loved Minn-Erva), awesome relationship dynamics, Scifi action, super tech rendered in stunning and gorgeous ways, spaceship fights, fisty-superpower fights, alien cultures developed enough for you to feel the backstory even if it’s not all laid out for you on the screen, well-written dialogue, just the right amount of feels, excellent action, Samuel L. Jackson ( <3 <3 <3 ), cats, or the 90’s, you will find something to love in Captain Marvel.

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Squee with me, peeps!

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