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Happy Caturday! I hope your weekend is going well.

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately working on a group of new alien sentients for my Department of Homeworld Security series. I can’t wait to share them with you! In the meantime, I thought I’d give a little insight into Import Quarantine, my story in the USA Today Bestselling Pets in Space® 4 anthology.

Although Marq’s origins are a little different than most of the genetically engineered Sadirians he serves with, he was still “raised” in a maturation chamber. His first memory (that wasn’t knowledge implanted in his brain by his government) was stepping out of the chamber, fully grown.

When I thought about this, I wondered how a Sadirian would react to offspring of any kind. They have no experience with any life form that isn’t fully grown! That concept curled through my mind, wrapping around the initial idea for my Pets in Space® 4 story and infusing it with…kittens.

Here’s an excerpt where Caitlin, a veterinarian from Earth, is trying to figure out what’s wrong with this strange man’s cat, having no idea that he’s an alien who actually plans to take her to his ship to help.


“Have you noticed changes in her behavior lately? Sleep patterns? How much she eats?”

“Yes, I have.” He sat up straighter. “She eats as much as always, and I’m careful to only give her as much as Dane instructed, though she often begs for more.”

Caitlin snorted. “Don’t they always?”

Marq plowed on. “She’s been sleeping even more than usual. And she isn’t as interested in her toys. But the strangest thing is how she’s been dragging my clothing to the pallet where I sleep and making nests out of them.”

Pallet? Why would he be sleeping on a pallet?

“She seems to prefer clothing that I’ve already worn,” he said. “And when I went to check on her today, her breaths were heavy and rapid. I tried to remove her from her nest and she let out a sound of great unease.”

“Oh boy…” Caitlin turned around. “I don’t suppose she has a nice, round tummy, does she?”

“I… I suppose so,” he said.

Caitlin let out a laugh. “It sounds to me like your cat is about to have kittens.”

Marq swallowed hard, nodding.

“Kittens,” he repeated. “Is it serious? Can you do anything about it?”

She burst out laughing. “I can find them good homes, once they’re weaned.”

“What does ‘weaned’ mean?”

“Okay, enough.”

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