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SFR Station is Featuring Resident Alien!

There are so many exciting things going on right now, I can hardly believe it! Pets in Space® 5 is in the works, the next Department of Homeworld Security story is underway, and now Resident Alien is being featured on the SFR Station website!


There’s a wonderfully supportive community of writers and readers in the Scifi Romance community. I’m so lucky to have found them.

The SFR Station is a great example. I’m extremely grateful for this place to connect Scifi Romance readers with great stories. I’ve found quite a few new authors there myself!

You can connect with the SFR Station on several Social Media platforms as well:

It’s awesome to see my books featured on their site. I hope you can check it out—and maybe find some other great Scifi Romance to read along the way!

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