Welcome to May!

Happy First Day of May! Today is also Beltane, a celebration that some of my ancestors observed when it was time to drive their cattle to the summer pastures. I like to keep track of these things to remind me of the cycles of life and nature.

My modern existence doesn’t involve much…cattle…but I like to think back to those days and be very grateful for what I have and when I was born 😉 

Our poppies just started blooming two days ago. They’re always so bright and cheerful and definitely put me in the May Day spirit.

Beltane is also about cleansing energy. That part of the ritual originally involved fires and people extinguishing their hearth fires and relighting it from the community bonfire. There’s a wonderful message wrapped up in that — about how we can help each other as a community and keep each others’ fires lit.

We may smudge our house with some incense, open up the windows, and let in that fresh May energy. I think a walk out in nature with some of our loved ones would also be just the thing to mark today’s specialness.

Happy Beltane!

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