It’s Lar’s Release Day!

The third Cygnian 7 book, Lar: A Scifi Alien Warriors Romance, has launched! I love this book so much. There was a lot going on behind the scenes that made this one of the most challenging writing experiences of my life. I hope you love the result as much as I do!

Lar has more world building than any Science Fiction Romance I’ve written in the Department of Homeworld Security universe, and takes us in exciting new directions. One of my writer friends went so far as to call it a “nexus book,” linking all kinds of storylines together. There are so many hidden treats in here that will be uncovered as this universe expands. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Here’s another excerpt 💙

The urge to touch her lit a fire beneath his skin. His need burned him, consumed him, and stretched the limits of his control beyond anything he thought he could withstand. The plates along his spine ached constantly from his desire to comfort her. The muscles on either side were two lines of agonized tension. A steady vibration pulsed out from his spine plates, even when clamped firmly against his back—his muted mating call to her.

My vow is to Kral. My word. My bond. Till the day I die, I must hold him above all others.

Lar’s hearts seized painfully, their alternating beats so close to matching Sophie’s. The thump of them taunted him with a glimpse of unity that he could never achieve. A tightness spread through his chest, robbing him of breath. He resisted the urge to rub the area. Instead, he held himself as still as a statue, his muscles tight and his expression fixed. He couldn’t let Sophie know how much her presence affected him. If he did, she might leave.

As much as it pained him to be this close to her, the thought of being parted was more than he could bear. It would take him to the ground if he let slip even a moment of his self-control. Sophie needed him. He could feel it, the way her heartbeat picked up whenever she saw him. The way her fear retreated in his presence.

The iron grip on his hearts eased. The first breath he could take, he gave to her.

“Tell me,” Lar said. “What is it you need?”

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He’s waited long enough.

Kral has respected the wishes of others for long enough. His new human friends, his parents, the king and queen of Cygnus-Prime. Earth might not be ready to know that aliens are real, but his soulmate is. He can feel it—feel her. And nothing will stop him from claiming her.

For months, Becca Myers has been feeling a growing restlessness, like the electric crackle in the air before a storm. She knows that change is coming, but not how or…who. She never imagines that change is coming in the form of a huge, blue warrior determined to make her his own—let alone that he’s the prince of an alien world.

Their coming together will set off a chain of events that will shape the future of both their worlds. But with enemies targeting them and those they love, will they survive to see it?

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