Casting Stones Meditation

I used to “cast stones” every day to help set my focus. I would take my favorite stones and gently toss them on a soft surface, then meditate on the patterns they landed in along with the meaning of the particular stone.


If I was using Fluorite, for instance, which is supposed to help with concentration, and it landed far from the others, I might wonder if I’m surrounded by distractions or if my thoughts might be scattered that day, and then make a special effort to bring those errant thoughts in line. The ritual of it helped me get off to a good start and it also helped me to be more mindful about my day. Plus, the stones are really pretty to look at and soothing to hold 💖

I was able to use my experience with casting stones in Whispering Hearts, when Rachel makes a protective necklace for Elsa. It was so fun to refresh my memory on the meanings of the stones so that I could find the perfect ones for the necklace (and so that Rachel would then know the perfect ones to use in the book).


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