A Ghostly Excerpt

Even writing with a rough outline, I don’t really know what’s going to end up on the page until I’m in the moment with the characters.


When I finished writing this scene, I realized that the scariest character in this series isn’t Michael—it’s Mrs. Montgomery. Rachel’s mom is probably the scariest character I’ve ever written. She is capable of terrible things.

Garrett is kind of like the universe balancing the scales for Rachel. He is incredibly supportive and willing to endure hardship for her, even thinking they’ll never be more than friends. That’s just his nature—to help others, especially the people he loves. He gives Rachel her first experience with unconditional love.

Whispering Hearts

The Summer Park Psychics, Book Two

“The longer we stay the more likely something will happen to keep me here. Please, Garrett. Can we just go? I want to go.”

He nodded and let his hands drop from her arms. “Yeah. But I’m going to want to talk later.”

“That’s fine.”

She ran to the table and threw the bottles in her backpack to reassure him. They took up precious space, but getting away quickly was most important. If they took too long, the yard would be crowded with spirits by the time they made it outside. Everyone wanting something from her. She wasn’t sure she could handle that.

In a moment, she’d have nowhere left to run to.

“Can you get the glass ball that’s hanging in the window?”

He did as she asked, detaching her witch’s ball from the swag hook in the ceiling. He stared for a moment at the chords of blue-green glass that had been created inside the sphere. The strands were meant to catch and confuse spirits trying to enter the room.

Taking down her witch’s ball would weaken her boundaries. She wasn’t sure how much. But she would need it wherever she ended up.

Her heart pounded as they removed the strongest part of her defense. Leaving the others in place would buy her enough time to leave in peace—she hoped.

“It’s pretty handy, being tall. You want this thing too?” He reached for the poppet.


She took a few steps toward him, but stopped when he jerked his hand back from the doll. His puzzled look turned to concern. She would deal with that later too.

“Rachel?” Her mother’s voice carried down the hallway.

“Rachel…” The echo came from her closet.

Rachel’s heart leapt to her throat. That was fast. Too fast.

She grabbed the glass ball from Garrett and stuffed it in her backpack with her clothes, cushioning it as best she could. Her hands were shaking as she zipped everything shut. She grabbed her purse and a spray bottle full of saltwater from her desk.

“Can you get the suitcase?” She slung her backpack over her shoulder.

“Sure.” Garrett lifted her suitcase by the handle rather than wheeling it around. He nodded toward the spray bottle and said, “What’s that for?”

“I’ll explain later. We have to go. Now.”

The door to the bathroom slammed shut and they both started at the sound. It reminded her of the popping noise Michael’s gun had made.

“Is there a window open in there?” Garrett asked.

“No.” There were no windows in the bathroom at all.

Too fast and too powerful.

Rachel grabbed Garrett’s hand and pulled him toward the hallway. They needed to leave immediately. For that level of manifestation to take place so quickly…

They must have been waiting for her. Waiting for her to let down her guard even a little. Like they had warned her they would.

Her mother was already in the hallway, her small frame somehow taking up the entire space.

“It is highly improper to have a gentleman in your bedroom.”

Rachel froze. Her mother was a master manipulator. All she had to do to destroy Rachel was tell Garrett that the voices Rachel had heard in the hospital—the ones that made everyone think she was crazy—hadn’t gone away. Rachel doubted it would help if Garrett knew they had always been there.

Voices of the dead.

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