Finding Value

One of the best parts of being a writer is those moments of discovery, when a character reveals something about themselves or their world that you didn't see coming. I learned a ton about the Coalition of Planets while writing Export Duty. I brought my own preconceptions to the novella when I started to write … Continue reading Finding Value


Export Duty: Meet the Cast!

We're only a week away from Export Duty's release! I'm so excited to share this book with you all ❤ While we wait, I thought I'd introduce you to the main cast 😀  Readers have been waiting to see more of Rin, and this book will not disappoint. For those of you who haven't met … Continue reading Export Duty: Meet the Cast!

Fictional Relationships

There's another type of conflict that I consider important enough to get it's own sub-category within internal and external conflict when I'm thinking through my writing, and that's relationship conflict. With any of the Romance genres, this is especially important to establish and work through. Honestly, I think it's just as important with any character-driven … Continue reading Fictional Relationships

Writing Conflict

We've talked about writing sympathetic characters, writing three-dimensional characters, and giving our characters pasts. All of these things are meant to create characters that readers can truly connect to in one way or another. Writing conflict is what activates the connection we've established. If a character sits around doing nothing, there is no story. If … Continue reading Writing Conflict