Whispering Hearts Backstory — Garrett

We've almost reached launch day for Whispering Hearts! I love this book so much. Rachel and Garrett have become very dear to me. I almost feel bad for everything I put them through. But it's a writer's job to challenge her characters. To celebrate their story, I've written two short pieces about the first time … Continue reading Whispering Hearts Backstory — Garrett

Happy Birthday, Garrett!

It's time to celebrate another fictional character's birthday from The Summer Park Psychics series. This time... Happy Birthday, Garrett! My first gift to you is not calling you Dr. Wolfstrom. Except for...mentioning it there. Oops. I can't say too much about Garrett's thirty-ninth birthday without giving away things from his story. I will say that … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Garrett!

Living at the Speed of Light

I can't believe how fast things are happening! Look what I found on Amazon.com 😀 Whispering Hearts is already up for pre-order! It's so pretty... I'm absolutely in love with this cover by Kanaxa. And the characters. And the whole book. Working with Holly Atkinson and everyone at Samhain has been an amazing experience. I'm … Continue reading Living at the Speed of Light