Tropes: I’m doing it wrong!

One of the more illuminating (and entertaining) obstacles in my writing path lately was learning about tropes. I’ve known about tropes in a vague sort of way for a while, but set out to really understand them a few months back.

I love taking expectations and turning them on their heads. I thought after I understood tropes I could play with them in this way. It was kind of a “learn the rules before you break them” sort of exercise.

Little did I know…I was too late. I was already breaking tropes all over the place. Also? You’re really not supposed to break tropes.


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Night Owl Romance Chat!

Hey, everybody!

I’m going to be joining Heather Long on Night Owl Romance‘s web site for an online chat that will be happening on June 4 at 7:00 CST. We’ll be talking Scifi Romance and anything else that strikes our fancy 🙂


If you’d like to join in the fun, you’ll need to sign up for an account on the Night Owl Romance web site. It’s a great community, and I always have tons of fun when I join in as a reader. My TBR pile always grows, as well as my friends lists on Facebook and Twitter.

Once you have an account, you can click on “Chat” when the session is underway, select an avatar, and you’re ready to go!


I hope to see you there ❤


Book Review — “Temporary Duty Assignment”

I’ve been wanting to start writing more in-depth book reviews here, and what better way to start the ball rolling than with A.E. Ash‘s Temporary Duty Assignmentbrought to you by Book Smugglers Publishing 🙂

Disclaimer 1: Yes, A.E. is my writing bestie—but I wouldn’t write a review like this if I didn’t love the piece 🙂

Disclaimer 2: I should probably also share that I have a degree in literary analysis. I love thinking about what I read almost as much as the reading itself ❤ I’ll try to keep from going down too many rabbit holes with you 🙂

Let’s get to it!

Check out this gorgeous cover by Reiko Murakami.

One of the things I love about A.E.’s works is that she usually hits me right in the feels. We’ve talked about it before—how I am weirdly synchronized to her works and really “get it” a lot more than some. (Writers, this is what it looks like when you find an “ideal reader”, and if you can find that in someone who is also a close friend, you are very, very blessed). Continue reading “Book Review — “Temporary Duty Assignment””

Reviews Don’t Have to be Fancy

The only thing I love more than writing books is talking about writing books 🙂 Really, my favorite thing to talk about is stories in general.

I also like talking about food, crafts, robots, and monkeys.

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