A Last Huzzah

Remember how I said in my post Wednesday that I’m not done with traditional publishing? It isn’t done with me either πŸ™‚

My beloved Samhain Publishing is releasing the books that were finalized before they made their announcement about closing down. I just found out that Lingering Touch is one of them! Barring strange and unusual circumstances, it will still be released in August. I’m so excited for this book to see the light.

I’m also excited to share its cover with you! But you’ll have to wait for next Wednesday’s blog post for that. Spoiler alert: It. Is. Glorious. Kanaxa did an amazing job capturing the feel of the story.

And Resident Alien will be blasting off on April 26! You can read an excerpt on Samhain’s site. I love this story so much!

Things are really picking up. If you want to stay in touch, you might want to sign up for my newsletter!

All the best πŸ™‚


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