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Resident Alien by Cassandra ChandlerI love Resident Alien. I’m not going to hedge around that fact. It’s filled with the sort of Sci-Fi humor that…makes up quite a bit of my daily conversation, actually. I’m a nerd and proud of it—even if most people have no idea what I’m talking about half the time.

Readers have been telling me that they want more of these characters’ stories. They want to see what life is like in the Coalition, aboard ships like the Arbiter. I’ll be giving more glimpses into that as it fits into the stories, and you will learn a bit more from this one. Depending on how things go, I hope to eventually go back to these stories and show you what happens next. It’s probably not what you’d expect!

In the meantime, I need to preserve the lighthearted fun of these novellas. Delving into the political structure of the Coalition is not conducive to that. Seriously, the Sadirians’ society is so messed up. But don’t worry! Exposure to our Earth-Human ways is turning it all around for them.

I’m still really glad that my readers want longer Scifi Romances from me, though, because I have more in store there! This summer, I’ll be publishing my first full length, serious Scifi Romance! The infamous Spider-Headed Zombie Romance (working title 😀 ). “But Cass,” you say, “I thought that was a paranormal romance.” And to which I respond with a cackling laugh 😉

Stay tuned for more of my exciting adventures!


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