11 Years on an Alien Planet

I noticed something peculiar early in my life. No one looked like me.Cassandra Chandler at the Park Not my family, not my neighbors, not my friends.

No one.

My parents were both brunettes. Dad had brown eyes, and mom’s were slate-gray green (mine are green with flecks of blue). My features, hair, and eyes didn’t match anyone in my immediate or extended family, or even the people in my communities (there were several—we moved a lot).

To make matters worse, when I was younger, my hair wasn’t the dark red it is today. Nope. It was neon orange. Neon. Continue reading “11 Years on an Alien Planet”

Book Release! “Pack” has Launched !

Hey, everyone! I have exciting news today. The first Blades of Janus novel, Pack, has released! You can pick up a copy now on All Romance, Amazon, or Kobo. For an excerpt, you can visit Pack‘s page on my web site. There’s a page dedicated to the Blades of Janus series as well. The series has its own logo, too (thank you, Matthew Blake!).


This book is so exciting for many reasons. It’s the first full-length Scifi Romance I’ve published. It’s my first full-length Indie title. And mostly, it’s full of all the things I love to write about. It’s creepy and sexy and set in a world full of fairy tale monsters…that are actually aliens. What’s not to love? Continue reading “Book Release! “Pack” has Launched !”