Business or Pleasure—Sneak Peek 2

Hey, everyone! Things are busy in Cassland. So busy, I almost forgot about today’s blog post! Never fear, I remembered in the nick of time. And I have a special treat for you today. A sneak peek at Business or Pleasure!  This excerpt is a little more risque than most, taking place right after…things have taken place (adult things).

Please remember that my books are intended for people who are over 18 years of age. Since everyone has different comfort levels, I’m going to go ahead and put in this disclaimer: only click to “read more” if you’re over 18.

You might be seeing more of these disclaimers as I share more excerpts in the future 🙂 I know some of the excerpts might seem relatively tame, but if they go anywhere near “adult topics”, I’m going to add in disclaimers.



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Pair-bonding had always seemed an archaic and unnecessary social construct. Now, Khel was wondering what would be involved in formalizing a relationship with Paige.

He didn’t really care about paperwork. He just wanted to be with her. From everything she’d said and done, it didn’t seem one-sided. Then again, he was new to this.

Paige grabbed her undergarments and pulled them up her legs, then started shimmying into her jeans. “Infatuation isn’t love. Admittedly, the sex has been great, but we’ll get over it in a couple of…” She paused and glanced at him. “Months.”

She didn’t look convinced, which encouraged him. He stood, hunched over, but didn’t bother with his clothes. She dug through the pile and pulled out her bra, struggling with the straps in her haste.

As she sorted her clothing out, she repeated, “We’ll get over it.”

Khel was silent as she dressed. He waited until she’d pulled her shirt back over her head to speak.

“Do you want to?” he asked.

“Want to what?”

“Get over me.”

Her mouth dropped open and she paused in the middle of pulling on her shoe. Before she had a chance to answer, the gravity field failed.

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