Book Release! “Pack” has Launched !

Hey, everyone! I have exciting news today. The first Blades of Janus novel, Pack, has released! You can pick up a copy now on All Romance, Amazon, or Kobo. For an excerpt, you can visit Pack‘s page on my web site. There’s a page dedicated to the Blades of Janus series as well. The series has its own logo, too (thank you, Matthew Blake!).


This book is so exciting for many reasons. It’s the first full-length Scifi Romance I’ve published. It’s my first full-length Indie title. And mostly, it’s full of all the things I love to write about. It’s creepy and sexy and set in a world full of fairy tale monsters…that are actually aliens. What’s not to love?

Tessa and Marcus have been living in my brain for a very long time. I wrote the first version of Pack just before writing Wandering Soul, which was many years ago. That version of Pack was the first rough draft I wrote in an extremely condensed timeline—just one month. Of course, I wound up re-writing the entire thing… I still learned so much.

I finished the final book this year, and it’s very different than the first draft. But I was able to keep the heart of the story—the characters. Dexter and Porter turned out much creepier in this version (very appropriate for them). Marcus and Tessa’s relationship is much hotter than in that first draft. And Vaughn is at the center of everything, which is new, and I absolutely love it—and him. (Yes, he’s my favorite—I freely admit it. Just wait till you see what I have planned for him 😀 ).

The story is more streamlined, the pacing improved by leaps and bounds, and the world building so much more integral to everything. I love how this book turned out. I love the characters and the world and most of all, the infinite possibilities this series contains.

I have much more waiting for the Blades of Janus. I hope you’ll join me for their journey!

Blades of Janus - Pack, by Cassandra Chandler

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