The Winds of Change

Not long ago, I wrote a post about April’s Wind Moon. It turns out, the winds I raised my arms to were the winds of change!Kite

A wonderful opportunity has come up that I can’t let pass. The rights for the third Department of Homeworld Security novella have reverted to me! That means I am sitting on the next book of that series.

Well, I can’t say I’ve actually been sitting on it. I’ve been editing it, creating a cover, and working with my beta readers and trusted editor friends. And I have to say, I am LOVING how it’s turning out. The third novella has all of the heat of Gray Card and Resident Alien, plus even more action. There are more spaceships and cyborg vampire space frogs, a bigger explosion, and even weaponized shampoo!

The third novella sets up the direction for the series going forward—and it will go forward. I still have the next three novellas rattling around in my head, and they will get their turn to see the light of day. I’m going to see if I can work them in between the full-length scifi series that will kick off with the spider-headed zombie novel later this year.

Which brings me to my other news. I’ve decided to go ahead and release the third Department of Homeworld Security novella in June! This will push back the full-length scifi series launch, but I want to give fans of this series a chance to read the third novella sooner. It’ll also give everyone a glimpse of what I call a “Quintessentially Cass” book. The cover for this one is amazing (thank you for all your tips and pointers, Matthew Blake!). And I’ll be revealing it next week 😀

So buckle up, because the rest of 2016 in Cassland is shaping up to be EXTRA AWESOME!

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