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I have fantastic news this week! Earlier this year, my publisher, Samhain Publishing, announced that they would have to close down (that was sad news—the fantastic new news is in the next sentence 🙂 ). During the process of winding down, they found a path that leads to them staying open!

This means that my current series with them, The Summer Park Psychics and The Department of Homeworld Securitywill have their lovely home with Samhain for a long time to come. Look at all these beautiful covers…

I couldn’t be happier for the folks at Samhain (and for my lovely titles!). I’m already hard at work plotting the next Department of Homeworld Security novellas, and there are some ideas for The Summer Park Psychics percolating in my mind. I’ve also released the third Department of Homeworld Security novella, Business or Pleasure, as an Indie title. I’ll still be moving forward with a mix of Indie and traditional publishing (yay, hybrid authors!). One of my upcoming projects is to write a Department of Homeworld Security short story set around Christmas time 😀

I have my eye on an agent that I’ll be reaching out to shortly, and I’m still definitely going Indie with the spider-headed zombie romance series (I seriously can’t wait to reveal the series title so I can stop calling it that. I mean, there are only spider-headed zombies in the first book!). I have some super-exciting ideas for web content related to that series, and want full control to make that world the immersive experience I want it to be for readers 😀

My LGBT superhero short story, “Second Sight“, has received such a warm response, I really want to start working on that series, as well. And then there are all the other series, just waiting patiently for their turn to come up…

I’m so grateful that working with Samhain will remain part of my writing career moving forward. It’s already been a dream come true. I hope for much continued success for us all!

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