Focusing on Happiness—Week Thirteen

What I’m happy about this week: I’m on vacation!

There are so many things making me happy this week, I couldn’t pick just one. It’s my first real vacation in years (I guess it’s a staycation, but those are the only kind I take 😉 ).

Here are the highlights, starting with…I saw my first coyote in the wild!

Coyote in Park

We also found these awesome D20 rings (they spin!) that my husband and I bought for each other as early Christmas presents at our favorite gaming store.

D20 Rings

Of course we went out for Korean food.

Korean Food

I’m making progress on my puppet selfie that I plan to use in making wacky YouTube videos (just as soon as I set up a channel…and figure out how 🙂 ).

AtCassChandler Puppet Head

And I’m binge watching as many Lord of the Rings movies as I can fit into the vacation week while drinking tons of tea <3

The Lord of the Rings Movies

The week started out with snow, and I saw these really cool bird tracks (love the feather marks in the second one).

I also have my new 2017 planner and it’s the Winter Solstice, which is one of the two most important holidays for me (this and New Year’s—you can read more about how they’re connected in a post I wrote last night).

It’s already been a fantastic vacation, and it’s only WEDNESDAY. 😀

I need to do this more often. Take real vacations where I have fun and don’t really work on much of anything. I’ll make that a goal for 2017!

Wishing you all much happiness.

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