The Dwellers Database

Blades of Janus LogoThe Blades of Janus have many resources to help them combat the alien threats that have spread all over Earth. Rayguns, hoverbikes, silver-infused swords. One of their most important tools mentioned in Pack, the first novel set in this world, is the Dwellers Database.

This central repository of knowledge gives the Blades information, descriptions, and most importantly, countermeasures that could save their lives when going up against a new type of Dweller.

I’ve been wanting to create a space where I can share sketches of the various characters and creatures in the world of the Blades of Janus as I complete them. What better way than to give you a glimpse of what I think the Dwellers Database might be like?

Most entries are written as if by Replicant 1-S: “Porter” and were entered shortly after Vaughn joined the Blades in September of 2014 (after he created the database for them). I’ll keep adding to the list as more books are developed and more ideas come to me.

Please enjoy…the Dwellers Database.

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