The Cold Moon—2017

I like to use the cycles of the moon and sun to remind me of the bigger world that surrounds us—the earth beneath our feet, the air we travel through and that travels through us, the flaming ball of energy that supports life on our planet. It’s a fun way to reflect on the world, nature, and my life.

Bright Moon

The full moon this month is sometimes called the Cold Moon. The weather has been warmer than usual this year, but today the cold is settling in with a snap that’s preceding an ice storm. This definitely affects my meditations on the topic.

Water is usually malleable, taking on the shape it’s placed in or settling into the lowest points it can reach. The transformation into ice freezes it into a single shape. Ice lattices form, snowflakes in infinite unique patterns. Snow can be plowed through or walked across. Ice tells me to stop.

I doubt I’ll be venturing outside much during the storm, but will instead take the opportunity to snuggle up inside and be still. No projects. No work. No thinking, even. I will allow myself two things: to rest and to dream.

The weather will warm soon. The ice will melt, and the water will return to its flexible, mobile nature. I’ll do the same, following nature’s example, and matching my pace with hers.

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