Focusing on Happiness—Week Twenty-One

What’s making me happy this week: the process.

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It’s a release week, so of course I’m super-happy about my latest title being out in the world. More than that, though, I’m happy because of going through the process of getting it there.

I love writing. I love coming up with ideas, characters, and worlds. I love plot twists and planting seeds that will delight my readers when they find them during re-reads. I love building each series and seeing how they develop and grow.

And… I also love the logistics of getting the titles out there. I know lots of writers will think that’s weird! But formatting the documents, making sure they look nice, creating covers, writing blurbs… I love all of it.

I’m even starting to enjoy marketing, now that I’m seeing it as yet another aspect of the creative process (“What kind of image will my readers enjoy? What catchy phrase will give them frissons of ‘OMG, that story sounds awesome’?”). I love how much putting out Indie titles is teaching me about the industry.

So, yes—what’s making me happy this week is the publishing process and all the little details involved in it <3

How about you? What’s making you happy this week?

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