Focusing on Happiness—Week Thirty-Three

What I’m happy about this week: all the good things that are blooming in my life.

Pink Peony

Today is the full moon known as the Flower Moon. I’m focusing on all of those things that I’ve been carefully cultivating in my life. My health, my relationships, and, of course, my writing.

Recently, the rights for seven of my titles reverted to me—the majority of my backlist. I’ve been working diligently to get them back into the world, and am pushing to have everything done by the end of May. It’s great practice, honing and developing my Indie publishing skills.

I spoke of my ambitious plan with A.E. Ash, and she said, “You’re building muscle memory.” That is exactly right.

I’m training my instincts for finding the right cover graphics, familiarizing my neural pathways with interior formats, and honing a system for launching pieces as efficiently as I can—so I can have more time to write!

By the end of May, everything will be done (I hope). I’ll have built the skills I need to create even better reading experiences for my readers <3 And everything I’ve worked so hard to share will be back on the shelves, freeing me to focus on the future.

Many things are blooming in Cassland right now. Many things, indeed 🙂

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