Welcome to Summer Park, Alexis!

Today, Dante and Elsa welcome their daughter, Alexis Lucerne, into the world of Summer Park. Dante is over the moon, and Elsa is absolutely determined to give her little girl the best possible childhood she can. And, of course, Winston is absolutely in love with the new family member 🙂


And just in time for Alexis entering the world, I figured out a bunch of her story!

It came to me as a flash last night, when I was just wondering about what her life would be like and who she’d end up with when I write her book. I had an idea, but it didn’t seem to work. And then, like dominoes, insights started toppling over, a pattern emerging that I can hardly believe.

Alexis’s HEA is going to be an amazing story. And I have no idea how to pull it off 🙂

Luckily, I have a few years to figure it out (sorry!). The good news is, I don’t know that I can wait as long as I’d planned. I love publishing these books as the events happen. Maybe it’s because The Summer Park Psychics is the closest project to a contemporary series that I’ve written, but Summer Park feels like a parallel universe that I’m looking into. I love keeping their timeline synced up with reality, because the world and the people in it feel so real to me.

I’m going to need time for this one, anyway. Time to really get it right. But I also can’t wait to share their story!

I briefly looked at my notes for this world while updating things for Alexis, and WOW! There is a lot going on in Summer Park. I have short fiction pieces lined up to coincide with their occurrence in their world, and the next novel will be out in either 2018 or 2019. Rachel and Garrett’s first born, Hiram (they call him Rammy because Rachel loves her independent little Aries <3 ), will be either two or three when it takes place, and I need to check my timelines to see when his nanny, Jessie’s, story will be.

My writing schedule is pretty darn full! But there’s always room for more friends (and more stories) around the table. Summer Park is being really well received, and I want to give my lovely readers what they like to read!

I’m going to do some more short scifi pieces, then launch a new paranormal series (depending on the submission results), and then I have to get another Blades book out or my readers (and my muse) will be very unhappy. But I’m going to see about getting Jessie’s book out after that!

Time for me to get back to work 😀 Thank you all for reading <3

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