Lingering Touch is Back!

Lingering Touch re-released today!


At last, the first three Summer Park Psychics novels are back in the world! 😀 Finn turned out to be such a wonderful hero, and the perfect match for Jazz. She’s probably the strongest heroine I’ve written so far (except maybe for Tessa 😉 ).

Lingering Touch definitely pulls the Summer Park Psychics series toward the realm of Paranormal Suspense Romance, and that’s where the rest of the series is heading! I know I’ll be returning to Summer Park soon(ish), with the story of Rachel and Garrett’s nanny. And eventually, I’ll write the stories of the next generation in this world. But that might be a bit down the line 😉

In the meantime, I’ve updated the pages on my website dedicated to each of these titles. You can check them out here:

Wandering Soul

Whispering Hearts

Lingering Touch

Thank you for joining me on the adventures of this close-knit band of friends/family!


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