Joyful Autumn Equinox!

Joyful Autumn Equinox! Merry Mabon!! Happy First day of Fall!!!

Autumn Leaves
Okay, so this is a picture from last year…

I can’t wait for more leaves to start turning. And for warm cider and hot cocoa and mulled elderberry wine!

Fall is my favorite season by far, with Winter coming in second. Knitting, snuggling under blankets with my loved ones, telling each other stories during the long, dark nights…. I love it! As well as the season itself.

The crispness in the air speaks to me of renewal and I love the Fall and Winter holidays most of all (although, I’m also quite partial to the Spring Equinox—all those colors!). This is the time of year I refresh myself and write write WRITE!

I am so looking forward to it all.

How about you? What are you looking forward to in the seasons to come?

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