Three Words

I love the tradition of picking a word for each year. A word to focus on, plan around, and maintain during mindfulness practice. 2018 is going to be big. I can already feel it, because this year, my psyche isn’t happy with just one word. It wants three.


The first word that came to me for this year is “home”.


I’ve lived in my house for a very long time, but haven’t truly put down roots there. I’m not sure why. Even still, more than one person has looked vaguely bewildered when first spending time in my house as they said, “It feels like you just baked chocolate chip cookies here.” I’m excited to see what happens when I start putting more of my resources into turning this into the environment I want it to be.


This word has been coming up for me over and over and in surprising places. It seems that everywhere I turn, there are messages about building community.


I’m realizing that I already have some wonderful communities that I’m part of. Like my home, I haven’t invested as much time and energy into them as I’d like. 2018 is filled with opportunities to create an even stronger sense of community in my real-world life and my writing worlds.


I sensed something was missing with the first two words—something more personal and internal, yet that was also tied in with them. I push myself hard mentally and physically—which I’m actually okay with now. But I need to take care of myself and support my whole being to keep up the pace I want for my life.


I’m taking the steps to truly nourish myself in 2018. Nourish my imagination. Nourish my body, mind, spirit, and heart. Nourish my relationships by creating deeper and more meaningful connections and memories with those I care for. Creating even healthier and more wonderful home and community environments is part of that. I’m nourishing my home and communities, which nourish me in turn.

These are the three words that I’m building 2018 around. When faced with a choice of how to spend my time and energy, I’m asking myself, “Does it improve my home? Support my communities? Create a more nourishing life?” These words are signposts to guide me through the year.

Have you picked a word or set an intention for 2018? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below <3

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