There’s Still Time!

Export Duty releases next Tuesday! There’s still time to catch up with the series (weekend binge-read, anyone?).

If you’re on the fence about it, the first book in the series, Gray Card, is free on many major distributors. Check it out and see if The Department of Homeworld Security is your thing 🙂


I’m the first to admit, it’s probably not like any other Scifi Romance you’ve read before. The books are set on Earth, and instead of humans having to adapt to alien cultures, the aliens are the ones adjusting to us.

Because they’re on Earth, the aliens keep their technology hidden, and it doesn’t factor into the stories as strongly (yet 😉 ). That opens me up to focus more on exploring the cultural differences between the Earthlings and the aliens they have very-close encounters with (*ahem*), and really have fun with the fish-out-of-water elements.


I love writing books that celebrate our humanity, our physicality, and our potential as a species. That’s really what this series is all about.

Optimism is important—especially in Science Fiction, where we’re dreaming about our future and creating alternate versions of who we could be right now. I hope these books give you laughter, happiness, escape, and release. I hope they give you…hope 🙂

Much love, and thanks for reading! <3


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