Coalition Reckoning Cover Reveal!

Hello, everyone! I’ve missed being active in this space. But I’ve been busy in other space—writing not one, but TWO new Department of Homeworld Security stories! One of them is my piece for the Pets in Space® 4 anthology coming out this October. I’m so excited!

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There’s so much news, really! I’m also going to be at not one but two upcoming conventions (it’s like it’s a theme or something 😀 ). I’ll be at Romance GenreCon and also plan to be at the Show Me Your Books KC convention on Saturday, September 21 (and hopefully Thursday and Friday, September 19 and 20 as well 🙂 ). You can find more about them both on my Events page.

But you’re here for a cover reveal, and what a reveal it is! I adore how this one came out. So much, in fact, that I might just go back and make the other covers match this aesthetic! We’ll see… There are words that must be written first 😀

In any case, behold the beauty that is Coalition Reckoning, the first (and only) scifi romance novel in the Department of Homeworld Security universe!


For the most part, I plan to stick with the shorter novellas for this series, but there was so much that had to happen in this story, it needed to be longer! I hope you enjoy it. There’s even a blurb!

Things in the kitchen are about to heat up.

When a reclusive billionaire hires Brigid as his personal chef, she has a feeling the job is too good to be true. The pay is jaw-dropping—as is the wannabe she’s replacing in the kitchen. Dane’s heart is in the right place, but seriously, baked beans over pasta? It’s like he learned to cook on another planet. He’s eager to learn her ways, and Brigid is more than happy to give him very personal lessons.

Dane has never felt like he belonged anywhere. Not among his fellow Sadirian soldiers in the fleet of the Coalition of Planets and not as the highest ranking med-tech assigned to assist the Department of Homeworld Security on Earth. All of that changes the moment he meets Brigid.

Resisting their mutual attraction is impossible—especially when soldiers from the Coalition arrive to arrest the Sadirians living on Earth and wipe the memories of all the Earthlings who’ve encountered them. But as they fight to preserve their chance at a future together, they find that a new enemy has risen in the galaxy that threatens everything they know and love.

As their worlds shift around them, can they hold on to the spark that connects their hearts?

Dane and Brigid were so much fun to write. I can’t wait to introduce you to them and fill you in on everything that’s happening in this world. And it’s a lot!!! It won’t be long now.

Thanks for reading!

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