Happy Monday!

Wow, that weekend went by so quickly! Ours was packed with trips to the park and lots of family time. Things have been busy lately, and it was nice to get to just be with each other for a while.



Our schedules are picking up again as we get close to Halloween! I still have some sewing work to do in that regard, and while I do, I’m letting ideas percolate for the next Department of Homeworld Security story!

So many people have reached out about the series. Thank you so much! I appreciate hearing from each and every one of you 💖

I’m hard at work on Nika and Buddy’s story. Each morning over the weekend there was no sleeping in. I had to jump out of bed to get notes down for ideas I had in my sleep or as I was waking. Now to make sense of it all and get it down on the page!

Thank you all so much for coming along on my writing adventures. I hope you have a wonderful week!

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