Happy Friday!

Welcome to Weekend-Eve 😁


This is our second weekend in a row with no social plans and I’m hoping to rest, recharge, and get some great writing work done. We’re also going to put up our tree! I know that sounds early, but it’s inspiring me for my current project—a special holiday story set in The Department of Homeworld Security!

I’m already 12k in and things are picking up. This story is going to be super-sweet, super-cheesy, and filled with Winter Holiday Spirit. That’s the plan, anyway. I’m kind of giving myself extra license to go crazy with it.

So far it has:

  1. Aliens learning about many of Earth’s Winter Holiday traditions.
  2. A very unexpected family reunion.
  3. One of Meredith’s kittens getting into mischief (and you really need to read book 11, Import Quarantine, in the Pets in Space 4 anthology if you haven’t yet!).
  4. Not one, not two, but THREE stowaways aboard the Reckoning during an urgent mission far from the Sol system.
  5. A sub-shop celebrity who has no idea he’s famous…in space.
  6. The introduction of the Cygnians!
  7. Four-part harmony holiday singing (Yes, I’m going there. I did tell you it would be super-cheesy—and also awesome).
  8. An incredibly fluffy Pomeranian who ruins dinner, but saves the day.
  9. Did I mention you get to meet the Cygnians? Because that’s kind of a big deal 😆
  10. And Buddy and Nika’s HEA!!!

I think you’ll love it and can’t wait to share it with you! I’m aiming for the first week of December. My editors are standing by for this one to come in hot! (Oh right. There will be *that* in it, too 😉 ).

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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