New Traditions

I’m a big believer in creating new traditions, especially if they have special meaning for your loved ones. We have many non-traditional traditions in our family, including a special “Winterfest” dinner with Eliza Sinclair and her husband every year (it’s coming up!). My thinking is always, why limit ourselves from something that brings us joy?


Of course, that worked its way into Homeworld for the Holidays, which is coming out next week! I’m going to have a cover reveal tomorrow, but for today, I thought I’d treat you to a little excerpt.

Nika’s never celebrated a holiday before. Buddy’s never told someone he loves them. It’s going to be quite an evening for them both 🙂



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“There are so many celebrations and holidays around this time of year,” he said. “I didn’t know which one you observe—or, I guess, don’t observe, so… This…” He shrugged. “This is just for us. You and me, together on the Solstice. A new tradition.”

“Oh.” Her lips tightened in that way that let him know she was trying not to smile. And failing.

He circled around the sleigh until he was standing right in front of her. Taking her hands in his, he walked backwards, urging her toward the house.

“Come on inside and see the tree,” he said.

“The tree that you brought inside your house so the made-up man can put presents under it.”

Buddy cocked his head as he nodded. “Well, yeah. But it’s so much more than the story. It’s the memories you make and being with the people you…” His mouth went dry and he stopped, staring down at her.

Say it, Buddy. Come on now.

He opened his mouth, but all he could manage was, “Care about.”


I can’t wait to share this book with you. It turned out even better than I’d hoped. It’s sweet and poignant and worrisome and funny. I crammed in all the feels 😀 The count-down is on for release day next week!

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