Quickening Moon Progress – 2020

The moon is full and lighting up the clouds in my little corner of the world. The image may not be as crisp or visually stunning as a stock photo, but it’s what I see above my home and it’s real and there is a special magic in that.


This moon phase is still barreling forward so fast I can hardly believe it. Part of me feels like I’m stuck standing still by the water’s edge—at least, where my writing is concerned. Life keeps speeding along at a breathless pace. But then I sat down with my voice memos and my rediscovered writing notebook to jot down my recent ideas, and discovered that things have indeed been quickening beneath the surface.

Not one, but twice, my jaw dropped, as past-Cass laid huge bombshells on me. I’d forgotten the middle-of-the-night ideas that I’d snuck to a dark room to quietly whisper into my phone while the other Chandlers slept. And WOW I can’t wait to write them.

The Quickening Moon marks a time when seeds are breaking open beneath the earth—where progress and growth is happening in places we can’t readily see. Believe it is happening with you. Look for it. I’d love to hear about the surprises you find when you do 💖

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