Surprise Cover Reveal — Import Quarantine!

Hi, everyone! I have a super surprise impromptu cover reveal today! No, it’s not the curled-up cat 🙂 It’s down below the bump, so as not to spoil the surprise!

Now that the adventure of Pets in Space® 4 is winding down (and Pets in Space® 5 is winding up!), I’m getting ready to re-release my novella from the anthology. That means a new cover!

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Presenting…Import Quarantine!


This is one of my favorite covers in my Department of Homeworld Security series, especially little Meredith poking her head up between Marq and Caitlin and that little paw print on the “A”. I adore this story so much.

What I didn‘t adore was having to find two pictures for each of the models to represent each different twin in Import Quarantine and Coalition Reckoning. That’s not a challenge I want to face again any time soon! (And then I remember all the replicants in my Blades of Janus series… 😉 ).

It was fascinating to explore how different the two sets of twins’ experiences of their sibling bond had been. Caitlin and Brigid were able to grow up together on Earth, but Marq and Dane didn’t even know the other existed until recently. And the dynamics between them were so much fun to see develop.

Marq loves his brother deeply, even though the emotional suppression programs they’re working to remove keep him from expressing himself fully. Caitlin is certainly helping with that!

This version of Import Quarantine is the same as the one in the Pets in Space® 4, so if you picked that up (thank you!), you’re good-to-go. And if you didn’t (or just want the single-title copy with this sweet, sweet cover), you’ll soon have your chance to add it to your collection!

There will be a special treat in the “Look for More Titles” section of this (and other) books soon—the title of the next Department of Homeworld Security novella, coming out in July! And, of course, another cover reveal is forthcoming to go along with that one.

Exciting things are happening in Cassland. Thanks for reading!





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