Corn Moon Goals — 2020

The new moon today moves us toward the Corn Moon. I’ve talked before about the saying that you should only keep “that which grows corn for you.”  Every year, during this lunar cycle, I try to take stock of that.


This year, it feels like I’ve been doing that for months already. We’ve pared down to the barest essentials, we’re staying home and keeping our household members close.

For some, that might feel claustrophobic—and we certainly have our moments. But for the most part, we’re finding a new kind of peace and a clarity with our circumstances.

What is important? What grows corn for us, helping us to live our most authentic lives?

Family. Togetherness. Focusing on our health. Cherishing what we have and embracing the simplicity of meals at home and snuggling on the couch.

As we move through the next few weeks, my thoughts will turn toward these things and I will focus on them even more.

What about you? What will you focus on during the Corn Moon?

Published by

Cassandra Chandler

USA Today Bestselling author of Paranormal and Science Fiction Romance — sometimes in the same book!

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