Pets in Space® 5 Is Almost Here!

Pets in Space® 5 is almost here! I’ve been featuring each of the different stories on my social media feeds as we’re in the final countdown.  Be sure to like my author page on Facebook to follow along. Only 9 days to go!

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As one of the authors, I get to read Pets in Space® 5 a little early. I am loving the stories so far and can’t wait to share my story, Rate of Return, with you! So, today, I’m going to give you a little sneak peek!

The color-changing critter settled into a pale pink color, paws burrowing into the wolf’s pelt. He poked his head up, staring at her with huge, black-and-pink eyes.
“You are just adorable,” she said. “Which I hope isn’t an insult.”
She dared to reach out and gently run her fingertip over his head. He blinked a few times, making a quizzical noise, then closed his eyes and started to sort of purr.
“Is this your friend?” She gave the wolf another gentle pat. “I’m going to help, okay?”
Her tiny guest looked like a sugar glider, only with two feathery antennae coming off the top of his head. His fur was even softer than the wolf’s.
This has to be a fairy. And that means…
She looked back to the wolf, gingerly feeling around his neck. He let out another chuff, which was way better than the hacking noises he had made earlier. She thought back to how the other wolf-thing had looked at her with uncanny intelligence in its eyes.
Excitement shot through her. Could it be?
“Please be a werewolf,” she murmured.
A hot guy werewolf.
She managed not to say that thought out loud.

The Pets in Space® 5 anthology will release on October 6th, 2020, and once again, 10% of pre-orders and the 1st month’s royalties go to, who raise, train & place support dogs with U.S. veterans and first responders. Pre-order your copy of Pets in Space® 5 now!

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