Whispering Hearts

Hello, again! For today’s book featured on #ThrowbackThursday, we’re moving through my Summer Park Psychics series with Whispering Hearts. I absolutely adored Dr. Garrett Wolfstrom in Wandering Soul. I wanted to spend more time with him and learn more about him. How better than to give him his own book?

I remember that it took me a long time to figure out who he’d end up with. When I spent some more time with Rachel, and learned just how special she was, the pair just clicked. I still think of them both every year around Tanabata (July 7 is the version of this holiday I used for their book).

Chased into the arms of the man she can never have…

When Rachel Montgomery killed the serial killer who’d abducted her, she knew her nightmare was only beginning. As a clairsentient, she could hear the ghosts of the women he had killed—spirits who discovered her secret while Rachel was being tortured. Now, every ghost in Summer Park wants Rachel to sort through their final business. And if she can’t help them find peace, they’ll settle for taking a piece of her.

Dr. Garrett Wolfstrom knows that Rachel is more than she seems. Her flakey persona is an act that he’s seen through time and again—to the caring, intelligent woman who stole his heart the first time they met. Their connection is beyond his understanding, but he’s sure she feels it, too.

After her ordeal, he opens his home to her, though he tries to shield his heart. The more he unravels the mysteries surrounding her, the more danger he realizes they’re both in. Will they be able to open their hearts and work together to vanquish Rachel’s ghosts or will the future they long for be lost forever?

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