Wolf Moon Goals — 2021

It’s been a while since I wrote a lunar post, so here we go! There’s a new moon today, and we’re heading toward the full moon sometimes called the Wolf Moon. 


Right now, I’m outlining a new series which I hope will be seven books long—six of them full-length Science Fiction Romance novels, and one a fair-sized novella. I’m trying to figure out the tone, the series arcs, the individual story plotlines. I’m working on my craft with these so I really hit the notes properly. And I’m trying to get the prequel novella written this month. Even though it’s already January 13. Wolf Moon energy can help me with this.

I am going foraging.

I am going to keep my nose low to the ground. I will scan my creative landscape with keen eyes. I will listen sharply for ideas that whisper to my subconscious. And I will smell what The Rock is cooking.

Wait, I think I got a little off-topic with that last one.

Anyway, right now, I’m really venturing into new territory with this series. The trick is to make it be even more authentically “me” and true to my voice while also making sure I meet your expectations as much as I can. If I’m setting out to write Science Fiction Romance, these books need to be Science Fiction Romance.

So, wish me luck in this creative quest. And thank you for following my journey!

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